A Start? A Beginning, At the Least.

I decided to start a blog, like the countless thousands out there that believe that somehow their words are going to be heard, or at least deserve to be heard. They are quite validated – the emotions and opinions that are contained within just ONE individual are boundless. Where else to put them, but a blog? A way to express yourself and to possibly connect with others. A form of validation and a means towards relief. Or just meaningless rants that no one will listen to and you need to let out of your system, regardless of what it is.

I’ll admit, I’m simply starting a blog to organize my thoughts, to share what I believe to be clever and quirky as well as original posts and photos, while at the same time being reassured by myself that I’m not one of those people who start a blog for validation as its sole purpose. I hope not, I’m already self-centered enough as it is. Yet, a blog is something that is all about being self-centered…but maybe I’ll write about that a different time.

That was my eye-opening and riveting introduction to a part of myself that I will share with whomever wishes to read the thoughts that I wish to express. I hope that they are at least remotely enjoyable, perhaps even entertaining, and if I’m lucky, I’ll still get my validation without looking like I tried for it (ha). A short intro, maybe. But I don’t believe in boring passages, and no one wants to read a novel as a post.

Don’t forget to drink lots of water, and stretch in the mornings.

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