Experiences on the Train

This was written while on was on the CTA, on my way back from school one day. Being that I was alone and had no homework handy, what better thing to do than to pull out my notebook and write?

Old man reading a novel
Large man and small man competing for space next to each other
People lurch into each other’s laps as the train stops and starts
People watching is so brilliant.
Colors and noncolors.
Wrinkles and sounds.
Smells and internal preoccupation.
iPods and sunglasses.
Keds, sneakers, ballet flats, therapeutic shoes, flip flops though it’s not warm enough yet.
Indian music oddly cheers me up and I find myself smiling at strangers.
Probably not the smartest thing to do. They didn’t do that in the Soviet Union [A concept I’m consistently reminding myself about, as my parents are immigrants].
Scarves and decorated backpacks.
Carefully hoarded wallets and purses, people watching people while pretending not to- people pretending not to watch people pretending to not watch people.

At least it’s sunny out, we’ve come aboveground. People are more themselves in the daylight.

When you get a chance, observe the people around you as much as possible…you can learn so much from the smallest gestures and body language.

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