Cigarettes and Comfort


Someone walked past me while I was sitting in Starbucks (again). While the passing is not necessarily a novelty, something else struck me as he passed- his smell.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, most simply “ew.” However, I am here to dispel any thoughts of disgust or annoyance. Because his smell didn’t so much as *strike* me per se, but patted me on the head gently and called me dearie or some such cutesy name.
He smelled like my grandpa used to smell. A mix of cigarettes and cologne and comfort. I’m very very into smells (“smellsitive”), and this was just so amazing…to be transported back in my mind to this carefree time where the scent of cigarettes was comforting and welcoming, a sharp contrast to what I experience on the way to school on the subway, which by itself is a vulgar mix of a variety of other odors which are better not spoken or written about.
Anyway. This man. Once I located the source of the smell, I proceeded to analyze him.

Tall, like my grandpa.

Skinny…not like my grandpa…he was more broad shouldered.

Scruffy! Like Dedushka exactly! But mine was darker, hunched a bit, wore an awesome beret, and would NOT be drinking Starbucks. Home-brewed tea, all the way.

This was a quick smell moment in my life, yet I’ve been sitting here frantically documenting it before I forget to remember. The sense of smell is probably one of the most amazing things. And in a seemingly unrelated quote: “Life moves really fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” as said by Ferris Beuller.

Don’t forget to remember.

4 thoughts on “Cigarettes and Comfort

  1. Hardest thing I encounter in the army is when your on a mission, and there is a smell for a second that reminds you of home… one would think that remembering everything that is important to you is good for motivation and pushing on, remembering what you have gives you something to loose, but i fight like i have nothing to loose, which is the only way you live, you fear for your life, hesitate or turn back, than you dont have long… honestly forgetting keeps people sain sometimes…

      1. i always wanted to write a blog… notebook… something…. never got around to it… never have time…

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