Musings on Dreams

Do we dream every night and simply forget what our minds invented for nights at a time? Or are dreams little gifts that are given to us so that we may grasp them and cherish them?

Sleep is a state of being in which all of our myriads of ideas and creativity are milling about inside of us, spurting through our dreams trying to make something of themselves, struggling to make an impression so as to be remembered in the morning.

Our innermost thoughts and hopes and dreams and loves. Our intentions and preconceived notions and stereotypes and regrets. Desires, memories, truths and falsehoods. In our sleep, they are all the same, all hold equal value and significance and compete for their chance to make an impression on our consciousness.

Is this a nightly process? Once a month? Or could it be my imagination that I dreamt, and my mind is filling in hours of blank space with my surface thoughts and worries?

5 thoughts on “Musings on Dreams

  1. Id be happy to explain everything about dreams if you really want to know, but for now suffice it to say you most probably do dream every night and only femeber some of them. Furthermore you more than likely have many dreams throughout the night

      1. so basically there are a few thoughts on how dreams work. a commonly heard one is that dreams are just random firing of neurons and the dream is your brains interpretation of the random stimuli. however another more radical idea that is backed up by some testing is that dreams are really like a training ground for life, so that when you are presented with certain situations you are better equipped to handle them. this is why so many dreams seem to involve some sort of strife or discomfort, or possible scenarios that could occur in the near future. so in essence dreaming is a way to better prepare ourselves for tough task ahead of us, or even things we never would have consciously expected.

        and this is just the tip of the iceberg

  2. I like that training-ground theory. It comforts me that my flying dreams are preparing me for life!
    In all seriousness, it’s super interesting. It reminds me a little of the Matrix plot, training yourself in your mind…where did you hear all of this?

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