Heaven Is A Place On Earth With You



Listening to Lana del Rey.

Everything I do is for you. Heaven is a place on earth with you….honey…it’s better than I ever even knew. They say the world is meant for two, only worth living if somebody is loving you. Baby, now you do.

Sitting here in a daze while I sway to the melody and her voice is going into my head and into my bones, and I feel like my heart is singing what she is so clearly expressing in her music. Whistlin’ my name…only worth living if somebody is loving you…how true! Why are you a genius, Lana? I didn’t understand this until I met him and now I have him and he’s mine and I’m his and it’s so cliché and so amazing and so SO. He’s so. Complete. I’m in his favorite sundress…put his favorite perfume on. It’s you, it’s you. It’s all for you. Honey…is that true? YES LANA. It’s true. Only worth living…and he loves me. And it’s just amazing. His green eyes watching me and smiling at me while I dance around in my daily antics and it’s you, it’s you. Everything I do. Heaven is a place on earth with you. Her voice is allowing me to write these words, I don’t even know where they’re coming from but they’re coming out and I’m letting my fingers skip across my keyboard as Lana croons and I’m newly inspired, her songs reminding me once more of him and I get chills. I see him and my heart skips a beat, still, just like the first time. His eyes are so green. Everything I do…it’s almost as if I understand my purpose? Does that even make sense? It’s better than I ever even knew….they say that the world is built for two. It is. And that can only be understood if you sit back and watch yourself breathe and hear his heartbeat and he looks down and plants a kiss on my nose and it’s you, it’s all for you. Tuck my face into his neck and he smells like love and comfort and man and it’s better than I ever even knew.  Tell me that you’re mine…thank you for being mine, mine mine mine, and it’s such a beautiful thing. Keep making me laugh and smile and love and so much happiness I’m overwhelmed again.

Come take a walk on the wild side, let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain…

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