“Oh, by the way, I’m Expecting.”

There is nothing that is more frightening and simultaneously joyous than when the first of your friend’s tells you that she’s expecting. That sentence was a mouthful. I really should have started by saying that I am scared and amazed and shocked and SO HAPPY at the same time, and then left you wondering “why?”…and then boom! MY FRIEND IS PREGNANT. But that may be borderline dramatic. Just a tad. A wee bit. A smidgen. K.

The reason for my continued illiteracy and confusion in this post is that my mind has been blown, specifically out of my left ear and away, across the horizon and into the proverbial sunset, never to be seen again by moi. So therefore, this is essentially a brainless post.

Which is very rude of you to say.

When I was a kid I was completely, irrevocably, 100% certain that babies come out of tummies. Meaning, that the bellybutton expands at the time of birth, and the baby just comes right out. Easy peezy lemon squeezy! My parents, in their infinite wisdom, didn’t try to dissuade me from this theory, so I happily went about my business. Until the day that I realized that not all bellybuttons are innies, and therefore aren’t convenient little expandable holes. I then got very worried for my outie-friends, seeing as that they would clearly have to get their stomachs cut open to get the baby out. Mind you, I wasn’t very concerned at the time as to how babies got IN the tummy in the first place; that was a conversation at a later time, which frankly had made me very nauseous and disinclined to ever discuss it again. WHY WOULD YOU PUT THAT THERE?! Nevermind, this isn’t the time to reminisce about my childish innocence.

About a year ago, maybe a year and a half, the people around me started to get married. Not necessarily super-close friends, but a plethora of acquaintances decided that it’s time to get hitched and found themselves a male/female respectively, and proceeded to do so. I’ve gotten so used to weddings that it takes a real emotional moment or a spectacular decor to jolt me out of my resigned desensitization. This, incidentally, actually happened on the 8th, at my friend’s wedding in New York. The couple was so happy at the thought of their impending marriage that they were just grinning from ear to ear and tears were pouring down their faces. It was so beautiful. Sigh.

BABIES! Let’s get back on track. This is the FIRST of my friends to have a little person growing inside of her. She’s going to be a mommy! My beautiful friend is going to have a beautiful little son or daughter, please God, and I just can’t completely wrap my mind around it. Her wedding was beautiful, she looked fantastic as per usual, and we were all commenting on how her babies are going to be stunning, seeing as the bride and groom are one iota short of blindingly goodlooking. But I don’t think I actually realized that she was going to have a  baby at some point. And here is that point.

I apologize for my repetitiveness, it’s just. You know. Mind-blowing and all that, as I said.

I’m so happy.

4 thoughts on ““Oh, by the way, I’m Expecting.”

  1. Outright enlightening. But “the news” is relatively benign compared to having one in your arms, engulfed in guesswork – “is she smiling or is that gas?”, having one call you on the cell phone: “the car needs new transmission and you’re paying daddy, did I mention that?”, or dealing with a variety of other dramatic moments in life which you don’t give much attention to while growing up (but but but… someone remembers, I assure you). So the journey begins :-) as I told one of my friends: “You got 14, maybe up to 16 sweet years in front of you (if you are lucky)”.

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