Music and Wine

Dear Asaf Avidan,

So, I saw you last night at the City Winery in Chicago. Front row (table) seats, with my boyfriend and my brother and his lovely lady. The tables were all crowded together, the decor was lovely, the candles made the wood glow and fed our excitement at seeing you, the stage was bright blue from all the lights. Despite our antsiness, we managed to order something from the menu, definitely going heavy on the wine, the only way that we could calm ourselves down because we wanted to hear you sing already and why was it taking so long?

The last time I heard you play was in Tel Aviv, in 2010. My brother had come in to visit me [I was spending the year learning in Jerusalem], and made me take the scary train to Lod, where I was picked up by my hipster-indie cousins and driven to some restaurant/cafe. I felt so cool then, being 18, and able to drink with the adults. I had never even heard you sing before, so the experience was super new then on many levels- plus, my first concert ever. After dinner, I ordered a hot glass of sangria and you came onstage with the Mojos. At first I was shocked, because I was NOT expecting your voice to sound like that, especially as your Hebrew banter was in a much deeper voice. But my surprise grew to something akin to admiration, and slowly slowly I began to LOVE it. The music was phenomenal! After I got past the diverse and unique melodies, I started paying attention to the lyrics.

Man. Your lyrics.

Where does all of that depth come from?! No, scratch that, how are you able to EXPRESS that depth so clearly and poetically without making a mess of it? To really bare your insides to your audience with no amount of self-consciousness and with a great big heap of pride and talent…I admire you. That’s what I’m getting at. I aspire to be able to express myself that way, to put down on paper [I can’t really presume that I can compose a song to go with my thoughts] my most inner being in delightful harmony with the beat and the tune and most importantly with the heart of your audience. You won a huge fan that night in Tel Aviv.

Anyway, last night [Wednesday, August 29th, for the record]. My boyfriend was sitting next to me and didn’t know what to expect – you blew him away too! So humongous kol hakavod for that one! [Speaking of “kol hakavod,” my 2 seconds of pride when you said thank you to my yelled praise. I’m a huge dork, but hey, the little things in life.] Plus the way you talked between songs made us all relaxed and amused and honestly? Without that personality and charisma, the show just wouldn’tve been the same.

Last point, as I culminate my stalker-ish letter to you: Thank you for signing my wine menu! I don’t know how tipsy/drunk you were when you signed it, but dude, happiest moment of the night was when your manager came back with your signature, and my name was there too! Thank you thank you, I’m super proud that my favorite artist took the time to do something so small yet significant.

Not the most coherent piece I’ve written, admittedly…but I wanted to get this all down before I forgot to thank you and express my appreciation and admiration! Most simply, you rock.


P.S. Very cool that you explained the “just his fig” bit from “Maybe You Are”…

[photo taken by my talented man]

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