From Apathy to Gratitude

Gratitude Which is the same thing as Appreciation Which slowly becomes Routine Leading to Desensitization And consequently Under-appreciation. How do we let ourselves get to that point? To where the largest blessing becomes something natural, and nothing of consequence, nothing important, or worthy of recognition and constant Gratitude. We’re back at the beginning of the … Continue reading From Apathy to Gratitude

“I saw it in the recording.” [“Я видел это в записи”]

You can read a play – we tend to think of our play as a collaborative thing. All performing together, from the time we realize that in order to be accepted/loved/admired/acknowledged we must project only a part of ourselves as a shadow display to others. I say shadow, because we turn our backs to the … Continue reading “I saw it in the recording.” [“Я видел это в записи”]