Document Every Thought



In the beginning of August, I took a trip to New York for my friend’s wedding. I decided, after the trip was over, to meditate on my experience, and document my thoughts, step by step [in short-sentence form], in that 3 day process.

So, without further ado, I give you:


A List of Thoughts about NY.


Uch. I hate flying.

But ooh! Look at all the lights! And it’s so late at night. Pretty…

Uch. Turbulence. I hate flying.


Let me off this plane.

Luggage, ok, let’s not knock people in the head with my carryon

Waiting for Mirelle’s bag.


Ok, now what?

Ha, she just tried to wait for a door to automatically open and it wasn’t automatic. Ha.

Aaaah.  Wind is beating up my face through the open window.

SOHO!…not as fancy as we thought it would be.

We’re such snobs.

The guy at the front desk makes jokes and we’re comforted.

[I’m so happy Mirelle doesn’t like NY either.]

We go up to our room, better get used to this, a 3 night stay.

Waiting for Rebecca to come back from her sister’s apartment.


Oh, I love her so much. Lots of hugging and that “overwhelmed” noise that we make.

We sit and talk and get used to each other again.

Oh, we’re hungry.

Go to café with Mirelle, mozzarella, tomato, and basil on focaccia. Mmmm. Funny waiters.

Back to hotel. I hate NY. Creepy streets.


Fuck. I can’t fall asleep. BUT I’M SO TIRED.

Mirelle’s talking to Rebecca. Whispering and laughing.

I’m so sad. Left out.

Feeling very sorry for myself.

Snapping out of it, stop being a baby.

Happy now that I’ve joined them, and ashamed at my previous childish behavior. Blaming it on PMS.

We’re sitting on the floor under the table, even though there are chairs, a couch, and beds.

Talking about the drastic changes we’ve all gone through. High school, Israel, now. It’s crazy how people change.

And we’ve remained friends throughout! That says something.

What? It’s  4 am?

Time to eat.

Frantic search for 24-hour cafes. Must deliver. GRUBHUB.


Mmmmmm…so good.

Bedtime [Take 2]

Damn those pancakes were a bad idea.

Great. Up all night.

Wake up at 12:30, Mirelle’s doing “Ab-RipperX.” Becca comes into the room and looks freaked out. I’m laughing.

Get dressed, take the subway from SoHo to Midtown.

So. Hot. Subway sucks.

Finally out! AIR.

Makeup done at Saks, Laura Mercier counter. They made us buy 3 items. I don’t want to talk about the price.

We all look gorgeous!

The makeup guys somehow hid all of our flaws; we’re all standing a little straighter and smiling more.

Racing back to the hotel to get dressed.

I hate subways!

Quick, get dress on…eyeshadow matches PERFECTLY.

I’m such a girl.

Call a cab service. Brooklyn-bound.

Cab service. Haha. So fancy.

Takes a bit to get there, our cab driver gives us his card to call him to get us – we feel even fancier.

Shana [our friend getting married] looks unbelievable; most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen.

Food pre-wedding is delicious. Our colorful dresses stand out amongst all the black and grey and cream.

This is so beautiful.

Sitting with my girls at the meal and asking each individual waiter for a bottle of wine.

Mean people all over the place and we have fun making fun of them.

Slightly tipsy.


Ok it’s time to leave Brooklyn.

Now…where’s our car?


Finally leaving. Nice car…we feel better about the lateness.


I sleep like the dead, but Mirelle tells me that they were up for a while after.

Up. Showered.

It’s sundress day!

Mirelle goes to the Met with her grandparents, and I go with Becca to see Steve’s mom.

We stop by Midtown, Rebecca needs to drop off papers. I get coffee at ________, the barista makes me smile.

Pretty part of Washington Heights, it’s colder here, with a welcome breeze. [see above photo, taken by me]

Rebecca takes us up to the roof, to show Steve’s mom his old graffiti.

Unbelievable view.

We go down, and walk to Ford Tryon Park. Beautiful gardens. We eat lunch at the cute little café there.

We’re joined  by Steve’s sister, and her boyfriend. They are obsessed with Joan Jett and Blondie, respectively.

Leave to go back to SoHo, to meet Mirelle.

Rebecca packs to leave back to Savannah.

When we walk her out I start crying.

Mirelle’s cousin comes over. I don’t know if I like him yet.

We decide to go to Midtown and get dinner.

Café K is aight…mediocre food, cute décor.

I almost start a fire. Mirelle puts it out and gets my dress soaked. Then we break the glass candle holder and I get even more wet.

This is what happens when you’re a closet pyro. Also when we want to play.

We leave cracking up; I feel like a kid again!


This is where my narrative stops. Unfortunately, my train of thought was cut off before I could complete the process; either by sleep, or some distraction. I’m sure I have a valid excuse. However, it IS incomplete, and I apologize for it. I hope that someday you can find it in your heart to forgive me. Don’t feel too betrayed. Etc.


While I’m not sure if you find my inner thoughts at all interesting, know this: Most of this is true, and none of it is fabricated. I am a highly emotional person, as expressed in my bursts of love and hate and anger and sadness and and and. Either way, I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my psyche. If you haven’t…well…you learned something new about someone new today.


5 thoughts on “Document Every Thought

  1. I really enjoyed this one and I am very inspired! How beautifully honest this was and how interesting to see what goes on in a woman’s mind!

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