Getting Caught in the Rain


I was waiting for weeks to get caught in the rain.

Something always distracted me…homework needed to get done. Dishes need to be washed. Too tired. Not enough rain. Too humid, too cold, too hot, too early, too late…always something.


I got caught in the rain yesterday. Oh man. OH man, was it the time of my life!

My mother and I were on a walk, there was not even a drop of humidity for once, a soft wind blowing our hair into our faces, which we didn’t care about, the trees were swaying, and it was such a joy to be outdoors! We weren’t expecting rain for another few hours… and we saw the ominous clouds come out of nowhere, all of these dark greys and almost-blacks, thick as could be…nah, it’s not gonna rain…

IT WAS LIKE A SHEET OF WATER, just falling and falling…

You should’ve heard me laugh.

My mother started laughing because I was laughing, I was so happy…there was this unbelievable freedom in that moment, a carelessness, a complete compliance with the torrent of water that was drenching us from head to toe…there’s no point in being annoyed or sad about this weather, man. It was cleansing! Reviving! We couldn’t even see in front of us, just drops of rain that looked like slits of silvery light, obscuring our view as we strained to see them.


Later, my mother described how happy I was, how I kept repeating “What an adventure!”

And it was.


4 thoughts on “Getting Caught in the Rain

  1. Two shabbosos ago I got caught in the rain coming back from a meal, so what did I decide to do? I embraced it and played vollyball in my suit(pants) during the torrential downpour

  2. This was great to hear. I’m constantly getting caught in the rain and I always welcome it. There is no such thing as bad weather when your enjoying life as it is!

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