Songs that Soothe

This is going to be a simple post, consisting of a list of [and links to] songs that soothe my heart when it’s aching, or in need of rest. Stress can sometimes bog a person down to a verging-on-tears point…here are some songs that chill me out. That’s the simplest way I can put it.

Heart of Life, by John Mayer. A combination of his voice and soft lyrics/melody allow me to get back into my zen and open my heart.

Ocean, by John Butler. While this song is more fast-paced and high-energy, it combines the qualities of his guitar and unique style and rolls it into waves that copy the song’s namesake. It’s brilliant. The first 30 seconds are his intro, but then just sit back and listen. [I purposefully didn’t try to find another link, because this one shows his deep concentration and intensity]

If you didn’t listen to that song ^^ then go listen to it, please.

Ava Maria, by Celine Dion. This isn’t written or composed by her…but this song sends the worries and loud thoughts in my mind to a deep and forgotten place while simple and all-encompassing peace takes over. What a talented woman. [Feel free to replay as much as you want. There is no limit to musical bliss.] This song made me cry the first time I heard it.

Georgia on My Mind, by Ray Charles. And with this song, I close this post. Because Ray Charles is so amazing and completely embodies smooth, cool and is a synonym for the adjective “soothing.” Enjoy him. I wish I had had the privilege to hear him live.

Have an amazing night, and may all of your sorrows and stresses be soothed. I hope this music helps. If it doesn’t, I’m sorry…but know that whatever it is, whatever is haunting your thoughts and making you unhappy or unrelaxed…it’ll pass. Everything will be alright. Don’t worry. Allow yourself to relax and realize that there is nothing we completely control, and therefore there is no need to conflict ourselves – we’ll be fine.


[photo taken by me, Chicago Botanical Gardens]


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