Just Keep Swingin’

Just Keep Swingin'

I am inclined to rant about snow, how much I hate it, how cold it is. It is a symbol of winter, that dreadful season where my roses are put to sleep, the roads are icy and dangerous, colds and the flu abound, and we are STILL required to show up for classes.
So inclined to rant, see?
But then…you get moments like this one. Sun is beginning to set, going for a walk in the brisk, clean air, and a swing covered in a heap of snow. Reminds me of my childhood, where we had a mini-vineyard in the back of our townhouse. Big, fat, green grapes, that smelled amazing and the bees agreed…and the huge, creaky swing that was nestled among the vines.
I wonder if its still there, and if it’s covered in snow and left alone for the winter months…

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