Taking Notes? Ha.

Sitting in Finance class. What is a desolate college student to do? Notes have been taken, seat buddies have been conversed with, and the professor is telling a story about the Dow Jones.

INSPIRATION! Or rather, a wonderful idea stolen from my friend, Ella. It consists of a little man walking among the blue notebook lines, when he realizes that life is more than just the two lines that he is strolling between. He then decides to step down and explore the line below:

photo 2

He becomes bored with the line below fairly quickly, and decides to move on to lower pastures, but loses his balance:

photo 1

Skipping forward in Little Guy’s life, he has somehow acquired a miniature dog and is taking it for a walk. Then, without warning, they come upon a cat, and…well…

photo 4

And of course

photo 3

I hope the rest of his day was less stressful!


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