Pre-Gatsby Jitters or Soundtrack Analyzing for Dummies

Music. Soundtracks. And Stuff.

My friend sent me the song that plays in the trailer for the Great Gatsby:

Something about a grunge/punk cover of the Turtle’s classic tune…gives me chills and makes me that much more excited to see the theatrical-looking film.

Which got me thinking about soundtracks and the effect they have on us humble trailer/movie-watchers. The right song can set the tone for a scene, for a fraction of the film, for the entire experience. Consider, for example, “Misty Mountains Cold” from The Hobbit:

The already somber scene becomes chilling. You almost feel their loss and yearning to avenge their home, the need for a grain of hope. Both somber and empowering (maybe I’m just imagining the undercurrent of anger?).

Then we have ourselves a classic bad-boy chasing scene, because the Mask of Zorro is only the best movie ever:

And finally, after asking my friend what her  favorite soundtrack was, her response: “Anything Hans Zimmer.”

As requested (This link plays for an hour and a half. So if you’re a college student needing study music, or really anyone who appreciates the beauty of the art that is his work, this is for YOU. You’re welcome.):

Sometimes I lie in bed, wishing that I could be as talented as these people. Both the composers and those who compile music as a backdrop for movies. “Backdrop” isn’t really the best word…I’d go so far as to say that the soundtrack is the best and most important part of a film-goer’s experience. Thoughts?



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