Florida, as viewed through a Foreigner’s eyes

Lattice patterned palm

birds make nests on
lampposts in the middle of a
busy street.
Red Squirrels climb on palm trees.
Old people. Just a lot of them. So cute and
endangering the driving
Plethora of sports cars.
sports cars per each above mentioned cute and
dangerous old person.
Hair is always
done, usually highlighted.
are optional.
Heels are mandatory,
especially in
One dog per family.
Men wearing tanks is also
OCEAN. They have an ocean. (Midwest girl squeak)
sand abounds.
Russian grandmas are
the same, just a bit
more tan.
People smile
at strangers, always
greet one another.
Palm trees in yards.
Grass is thick and grows and grows…
Houses are stuccoed.

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