What Makes Me Happy, for No Apparent Reason

Baristas. Especially ones with mustaches and suspenders.
Cinnamon scones, lightly toasted.
Adding to my extensive nail-polish collection.
The discovery of new drink flavors [chai tea latte + ginger!].
New sandals.
Freshly sharpened pencils.
A big white canvas and a shitload of paint.
When my hair gets huge and curly.
A warm breeze when its 65 deg. F
Berets [even though I can’t pull them off].
Instagram [don’t judge me].
Being inspired by poets and having an overflow of built up creativity inside of me until it bursts out into my writing!
Complaining about New York.
Dyeing my hair red.
Summer dresses.
Red lipstick and white teeth.
Puppies [well, who doesn’t].
My huge Bose headphones.
Sitting with a friend and not needing anything to interrupt the silence.
My friend’s temperamental cat.
When guys forget to shave. I LOVE scruff.
Light-wash jeans with rips at the knees.
High cheekbones.
The men of Game of Thrones.
The women of Game of Thrones.
People like me who sit and write in public and shamelessly stare at everyone for inspiration. [sidenote: it’s interesting seeing other people experiencing writer’s block]
The Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack.
Mechanical pencils.
Animatedly discussing show plots.
Making friends/meeting new people.
Sitting strangely on armchairs.
The way squirrels run around tree trunks to hide from passersby.
The way birds can see the air currents [maybe they can’t, but I like to pretend that they can].
Drinking hot tea from glass cups.
Pomegranate seeds.
Stomping on crunchy leaves [come Autumn].
Cheap sunglasses [preferably from Urban].
The original Star Wars trilogy [IV, V, VI].
Mint + chocolate.
Baking, specifically mixing the ingredients together [also licking the bowl].
iPhone cameras.
Long cardigans.

LONG summer days. That I can’t wait to experience again. And obviously roasting myself on the beach.


Here’s some of the items I listed:
One of my roses Blackhawks Pup Most recent dye job xkcd tea in a glass fox! photo (45)potential tat

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