I love meeting people who make me think.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a deep provocation into mental realms previously unexplored.

Even a new thought, or an old thought reinvented or refurbished for a radical opinion projected towards me, just to see my reaction (while that is annoying on the surface, why should it be? Is there truly something wrong with playing intellectual games, or playfully attempting the role of devil’s advocate?).

People who make me think have a special place in my heart (Near the place where I keep the people who make me laugh). The mere fact that my mind was kick-started (or warmed up or broadened) earns them that place.

Because those who make me think are rare. The ones that can make you stop, bewildered, and say, “I’ve never viewed it that way before.” They are expanding your world.

Imagine you lived in a little village your entire life. Everything is provided for you: water, food, shelter, companionship. You have “everything,” you can go your entire life without knowing or needing anything else.
Then, one day, you decide to venture a mile away from your village. Someone takes you a mile out. And you discover a new element. Or you rescue a random puppy.
I’m not sure where that analogy went. Did you follow it? Maybe I made you think! Or, at least, made you stop, bewildered, and say, “What the…”

I love meeting people who make me think.

They inspire me to write, and to be creative. To frantically grab my notebook and pencil out of my schoolbag on a crowded rush-hour train and scribble my appreciation before I forget to be appreciative.

I hope I never run out of lead.


Photo not taken by me.

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