Choose Light.

There’s only so much pushing one can take, hmm?
Only so much abuse that one can excuse, because doesn’t water eventually
Wear away at the stone?
And so I choose light.
Walking toward those who,
When angry,
Have legitimate reasons to be so,
and do not simply see the emotionally-frail and thereby see an easy target.
Tired of letting in that hope, maybe this is the last time we’ll argue?
It’s kind of like hitting a puppy, no?
And so I choose light.
Purging myself of negative energies,
Letting go of crushed hopes,
of failed friendships.
I choose light, and thereby choose healing. I will remake myself.

Hard to find that balance between love and indifference. To not lose myself. To hold on to an encouraging view of my surroundings without being clouded by naïveté.

I choose light, but I don’t know what that means.
I choose it anyway.

2 thoughts on “Choose Light.

  1. Sounds like you were going through some tough decisions. I hope your choices rewarded you and any residue mourning feels purposeful. Who is this E. I’ve heard a thing or two about?

    1. Tough decisions were made easier by processing them creatively – namely that prose-ish thing that happens to come out of my pen sometimes. It’s unbelievably therapeutic.
      Since then I’ve grown immensely; it’s amazing how much can happen in a short period of time.

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