Hey, Girl…

I wrote this piece in a frenzy, after receiving a series of compliments on my physical appearance by multiple individuals. At the time, I was obviously feeling emotionally and intellectually neglected, but re-reading it made me realize: how would someone know what you want to hear, or what you value, unless you tell them? We all have different love languages and a myriad of insecurities to go with our selective hearing.

So, please bear in mind – this isn’t a bitter individual ranting about objectification. More of a “Notice all the things that make me special.” Cheers. 😊

You’re hot
And beautiful
Sexy and gorgeous
I love your eyes
And your hair
And your purchased smile
Look at those legs!
Thanks, I take pleasure in it, as though I
Crafted them, my pride and joy.
Don’t call me smart
Don’t call me kind
And thoughtful
Clever and insightful
Don’t love my laugh
And my art or my writing.
After all,
I cultivated it and
Nurtured it
And conquered my meanest desires in order to be kind and caring,
None of that means an iota,
Not worthy of your attention.

What were you saying about my eyes?

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