interesting how you can find inspiration so easily when you’ve been wronged, or when your eyes hurt,
or keeping a smile on your face when someone rejects a gift
or threatens to destroy it
or casually casts away something you hold dear, like
friendship or kindness.
it’s so easy to pour out the bitterness in words, or music, or paint,
and how difficult is it to bring up that well of creativity when life is good?

i did it.
i left the space that was so entrenched in negativity and judgment and have begun creating a positive home for myself. there’s so much sunlight…
and i’ve begun the process with one of my favorite humans a few steps away,
and i’ve found someone who’s pretty great and has the cutest eyes (though he knows it)
listening to music all day and night and surrounded by culture and arts,
and this summer i’ll be steps away from the lake.

burying all feelings and memories that made my heart race,
that brought on migraines,
that stooped into fitful sleep with disturbing dreams and a hurting back when i woke-
i’ve never slept better.

Here’s to 2015.

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