Solitude series 

Silence but for the headphones in my ears playing soft music that kind of matches the calm water.
And I can’t remember why my mind was tumultuous for 7 days straight
When I cleaned vigorously instead of crying, and when my breathing sped up I just went to exercise to create an excuse for my heaving chest. 
The rocks next to me brighten then dim as the sun is alternately revealed and blocked by clouds
It’s still cold enough that I need a jacket but the late afternoon sun warms the black leather while my hands seek refuge in the necessary scarf.
Finding solace in surrounding loves and spotted puppies and in the peeks of blue between the white cumulus clouds, and in the small clusters of moss hiding under the rocks next to the water. In the bubbles spinning on the surface, gently ricocheting after bumping along the coast line.
There’s a single, brilliantly white sailboat near the horizon, so perfect it could’ve been in a painting. So perfect that any attempts to photograph it from the shore result in a little white triangle – but my eyes can capture it more eloquently. 

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