She leans back and the light from outside the window flashes on her exposed teeth, framed by slightly parted lips. The vintage gramophone on her nightstand has been trumpeting the orchestral "Non, je ne regretted rein," over and over for the past hour. She doesn't tire of it, and moves the needle to play it … Continue reading Amélie


I have never felt the need for yoga for some Namaste some calculated, deep breathing for some peace and quiet intermixed with Spanish guitar or soulful reggae, more than in this moment. My mind cannot quiet, again. My heart won't slow, again. My eyes flash, throwing mini daggers, even the chatty ones avoid me my … Continue reading Namaste


I chose the name "Echo" because that's how this all came about - a piece sent to a friend, a "What do you think of this?" and the response was a morsel of prose, the perfect echo. From there it became a search for increased creativity, and friends from all over the country have beautifully … Continue reading Echo