A Monsoon for a Butterfly

Putting myself first was never meant to be a heartbreaking thing
your blue eyes surrounded by red, trying to hold back the
and it washed over me and I was devastated for you
I wanted to kill whoever was hurting you
whoever was making your face twist in pain
I’d kill them, I swore it
you hugged me, you were shaking,
you said you would fight hard for it, you wouldn’t let it go
a whisper that echoed in the wake of the emptiness that
was all you had to give.
I wanted to kill whoever was hurting you,
whoever wracked your body with sobs,
more emotion than I’ve ever seen from you,
your eyelashes permanently holding droplets
a monsoon for a butterfly
acting as a dam, breaking, breaking
like your voice, when you asked if we could try again later
if the timing just wasn’t right,
I didn’t have the heart to tell you no,
but no.
Embracing my talent of building unbreakable walls
strongest against those I love, those who I trust(ed)
I would kill whoever was hurting you,
but not at the expense of my own life.
I was hurting you,
I guess I made a promise I couldn’t keep,
but you didn’t keep yours either, right?
I guess we’re even.

Image is not mine.

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