A Reminder

I’m blessed
I’m blessed I’m blessed I’m blessed –
and here’s why social media is awesome.
In my little rut right now, bouts of sadness crushing my productivity
and my chest
This isn’t even sadness,
it is anxiety about impending change and implemented change
about cutting my thick, long hair off
about ending a relationship in which I had high hopes
about finding a new apartment and the associated costs
about financing a new car and the associated costs
about costs in general
and I pop into Instagram to scroll through mindlessly
to distract myself with photos of
colorful sunsets and
artistically arranged meals and
puppies and kittens with amusing captions and
inspirational quotes framed in interesting typography
flowing through, checking it every five minutes
like the refrigerator
to see if an interesting snack popped up, magically.
Scrolling, scrolling, making myself dizzy,
I see a post by a friend of mine, a quiet man, a deep thinker
a fantastic photographer,
who said simply that he is blessed.
That he took the time to think about all of the good things in his life
not allowing himself to be bogged down by the perceived bad,
believing that god has a plan and that he is blessed. Blessed.
Guess what, self?
I’m blessed.
I have my health, my family, my loving friends,
I have an analytical mind and the ability to think quickly on my feet,
I’m intelligent and witty, and self-aware to a fault,
I can communicate and express myself so that I am fully understood
– and while that might be redundant, you definitely understand it –
I’m beautiful and my teeth are strong and straight,
I have access to doctors and extra cash to spend on myself (if I budget)
I have a large, comfortable bed
I live in a thriving city with many attractions and bursting with culture,
I can hear, I can see, I can speak, I can taste, feel, breathe
my body can bend into yoga poses (once I warm up)
my hair is thick and while it will be short soon, it grows quickly
like a dandelion (I picked an aesthetically pleasing weed).
I’m blessed.
I can’t forget that. And I’ll be okay. I’ll be more than okay,
I’ll be great. And soon.
I’m blessed.

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