My head is never where I expect it to be
I let it do its own thing and hang on for the ride
a white water rafting adventure, picture it now
cool, calm water letting you lean back and
forget where you are for the moment
then the wind changes and you’re almost thrown off
the water seems to buck like an angry bull,
you’re the matador with no escape,
backing down the alley that has no doorway
when a wave sweeps down to the stones and carries you
up up up
over the wall,
I’m laughing because
I don’t know which I’m more afraid of
so instead of letting it consume me and
pull me in separate
I give in, lean in to the friendly shoulder
of my mind, sitting next to me on this couch,
we eat popcorn together and listen to the storm
it has created.
Such a weird little camaraderie.

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