Spider Lightning

This poem came to me in a series of color splashes and shapes. Does that make sense? Probably not, maybe I’ve been watching too many Instagram videos where artists create beautiful masterpieces by throwing paint in a seemingly haphazard way.
I was getting coffee with a friend a few weeks ago and, as we were sitting and sipping on our overpriced hipster cafe lattes, a storm rolled in with no warning (as Chicago storms are wont to do). Rain started pouring, of course, but not before the clouds erupted in a stunning light show. A quick Google search tells me that the type of lightning I saw is referred to as Spider Lightning. As it danced around the sky, I happened to look over at our just-as-hipster-as-the-lattes barista, who was dancing around to the music playing over the speakers and (adjusting his straw hat) gleefully exclaiming, “I love Marvin Gaye!” Me too, guy.

walking through a part of the city that I’ve
never explored before
finding my way to that
chalk board full of flavors and ideas
and random brightly colored strangers smile
at me
thick-framed glasses surrounded by
curly hair
and hats set on jaunty angles
while I order a jasmine green tea
that steeps too long.
the clouds are bright pink against a deep blue,
rolling storm,
lightning flashes in staccato while the
barista dances along to marvin gaye and laughs,
“I love the lightning!”
it starts to rain on me,
a vibrant summer rain
and I’m thinking about apple pie.

Image is not mine.

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