Ocean Eyes

Poem for an old love. No regret for love, for art, for connection.

it’s kind of stupid
how much i love you.
your ocean eyes sparkle as you look at me
focusing all of your attention
laughing when i crack a joke
understanding what i’m saying
even when no sound leaves my lips.
as we walk down the street,
it seems as though people are watching
as we watch each other
holding hands
– they avoid us, so as not to
catch our cooties –
you walk like a penguin with me
skirting around the chicago puddles that
reflect the lights that come to life as
the sun goes down, leaving a periwinkle sky
(a fun word to say).
strolling into random cafes together,
try to make friends with the servers
– regardless of the result of our efforts –
we laugh and wonder
are we just awkward people?
hugging you
it’s better than any lavender oil
but you should stop hogging the blankets,
you make up for it when
my feet are freezing and
you don’t complain when i warm them on yours.
“what are your favorite moments with me?”
when i eat bacon and you sigh.
when you tell me you can live without me
but you don’t want to.

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