Out Late

i walk into the room, he’s
embracing the mic like a lover
passionate, eyes closed, and then
my heart races when he looks at me,
boyish smile, fitted hat,
is he singing to me from onstage? no,
there’s no way he sees me,
but afterwards he walks right up to me
envelops me in a hug that
lingers just a drop too long,
(makes my friends look on curiously)
whispers something in my ear, but
i can’t hear him, the bar is too loud.
i just lean in to his warmth and breathe him in,
creativity and playfulness, wit and kindness,
(how does he smell this good after jumping on stage?)
reluctantly, i let him go,
reluctantly, i follow my friends out the door and look back
he waves, flashes a dimple,
already engaged in another conversation.

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