Nostalgia Snippets

His left leg can’t stop bouncing
he’s smiling and doesn’t know
what to do with his hands,
when he holds mine, they’re sweaty,
after I kiss him for twenty minutes
he calms down.
Call me Xanax.


She and I stroll like old times,
exchanging gossip,
laughing over our old loves,
our old jokes,
how afraid we were to get our respective piercings.
Take one sip of vanilla
– mixed with Jameson –
conversation flows like the melting ice cream.


I could love you,
if you look at me a certain way,
send me a joke that makes me snort,
wink at me when I’m not expecting it,
taste a new food because I like it;
yes, I could love you,
just don’t call me the nickname he used.


Now, when the weather gets cold,
even though I’ve been waiting for months
to see the leaves change color,
to pull on my favorite sweaters,
to listen to things crunch,
my heart jumps.
Who will cuddle me when it snows?

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