What If

i hope he lifts me up in the air
spins me around –
until my vision gets blurry and my head threatens to fall off
until i can’t tell if i want to die or laugh
until i almost pass out –
and sets me down.


sometimes i pretend
that my honey wheat pretzel is a cigarette,
and that i’m hanging out of the car window,
wind buffeting my face, so that when
my eyes tear
i blame it on the chill.


what if i had blue eyes
life would’ve been so easy,
strangers would pass me free coffee
i’d find shoes in my size
boys would send me love notes
and properly constructed bouquets
tastefully arranged
– flowers wouldn’t fall apart
and stain my carpet.
if i had blue eyes
i wouldn’t need to sparkle
would’ve gotten that job
wouldn’t have been as taken with his smile
maybe i wouldn’t be afraid of uncontrollable things
and maybe he would’ve loved me more.

3 thoughts on “What If

  1. I like how you tell just enough to let the readers mind fill in the background. To me it makes the poem more personal to each reader. Also, he wasn’t worth it anyway, didn’t Van Morrison write a song called “brown eyed girl”?

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