DWI Revelations

by Michael Drone

Staring didn’t accomplish much when I was faced with the mountain I have been climbing for the past three months. I am going to get super vulnerable and honest, and tell you of failures of business, the arrest, and what happened next. Strap in, this is about to spiral out of control, or so I thought.

The day is Monday: I wake up and just stare at the ceiling. At this point I think I have no direction and that my entire life is beginning to fall apart. I look at my phone: 3 missed calls, 4 texts, 2 voicemails. “Shit, I don’t want to deal with anyone today,” I tell myself. “Get up, you know what you need to do so just do it.” The same thing is playing in my head over and over… I just closed my last deal with my old real estate team as they closed up shop. I feel directionless and like I am just going through the motions of life: smile, be positive, you are alive. By now, it is about 11:30am; I decide to get out of bed and make a cup of coffee. Coffee always makes me happy….

You might be asking yourself “What the hell is the point of all of this?” I start with that because that was me, about a month ago, when faced with rock bottom. That was my mental state when I was faced with a new level of uncertainty. I got to that point from a series of choices I made and events I wasn’t paying attention to.

Let’s back up about 20 days. It’s a Sunday evening and I went from church to visit some friends and grab a beer. I hadn’t seen them in a while and wanted to catch up. So, one drink led to dinner, which led to a glass of wine and sipping on a Jameson served neat (my favorite). We get to talking for a few hours and I get in the car and drive home. That decision changed my life – I thought I was good to drive and I got behind the wheel (decision 1). I just got some work done on my truck so I decide to speed in excess of 90MPH (decision 2), proceed to get pulled over and then do a field sobriety test, which shouldn’t have been a problem because I didn’t drink that much and I had been pulled over after drinking more than that and never had a problem. Well, I ended up getting arrested and spent the next 30 hours in a downtown Houston lockup. It gave me a lot of time to think, and think I did, for a while. Fast forward a day and a half and I am free-ish. I have no driver’s license, no truck, a phone that’s at 15% and a whole lot of emotions that are welling up. That is not a good sign, since I am not an emotional person by any means.

Next, I go back into work and tell my bosses what is going on and pray that I still have a job. I retain it and just try to get back to work. Well, two days later I come into work and find out that the partners in the business are dissolving the business (event 1). While all of this is going on I just got something under contract so I learn on the fly all the steps it takes to get to the closing table. We had someone on the team that handled all of the transaction coordinating, so I was “spoiled” so to speak. I get my client to the closing table and that is where our story began – the following week, after all of the dust settled. I am just staring at the ceiling, asking myself, “What next?”

So, back to the beginning. I am lost, confused, petrified, and a little depressed. Feeling like I hit rock bottom, I then realize something I have known all along: I possess everything I need to be successful on my own. I have the skills and knowledge and, if I don’t know something, I can always find out!

Everything I have been reading and learning and practicing while life was easier now has a chance to come to be. I became a person of action, of assertiveness, and of happiness again. I picked myself up by my bootstraps with the support of some fantastic friends, and set myself on my path to where I am now. Building, progress, pursuit, and abundance; that is where I choose to live now. Staring didn’t really accomplish much when action was the answer all along. Take action always!

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