The Last Time I Saw Them

By Austin Sanniota Edwards

Staring didn’t accomplish much. In fact, it seemed to worsen the situation. I missed them; I couldn’t hide that from anyone. I couldn’t deny that when they were in my life the world looked, well, more vibrant and beautiful. I saw things more clearly then. In that realization, all the hours we spent together flooded through my mind. They were a part of me, and I’d like to think maybe I meant something to them too. I hate imagining my life without them. Will I ever get used to this foggy feeling? Will anything ever make sense again without close examination? When they were in my life, I had so many fewer concerns.

I can only hope they miss me the way I miss them.

I remember the last time I saw them. Now it’s been a month, and, frankly, I’ve given up hope that I’ll ever find my favorite (and only) pair of glasses.

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