You’re the Lime

by Danny Trinidad

Staring didn’t accomplish much
You’re next to me, but too far to touch
I know sometimes I talk too much
There aren’t enough words for you

The things you laugh at, make me laugh too
And I love, the things you do.
The songs you like, the shows you view
In The Office, we’d be Pam and Jim

Always together, my partner in crime
It hurts to know you can’t be mine
If I’m the Corona, you’re the lime
It’s you that makes me better

Sometimes I look into your eyes
When we tell each other stories
You make my heartbeat fall and rise
I can see us dancing ‘til the morning
You’re the sun on my horizon
And the one I’ve got my eyes on

I get to work with my best friend
But at night, I lay awake in bed
Thinking of things that I should have said
And it doesn’t matter at all

You’re with him and I hope he knows
How amazing you are, how bright you glow
I wish I could tell you how far I’d go
For a little more time with you

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