The Beauty of the Honey Bee

by Alec Meyer

French girl
Your eyes are beautiful-
here’s a flower.

I have eyes for you
but eyes are all
eyes eyes eyes
for your seductive thighs.

French girl
Rouge is a ripe tomato
at the same time,
we could both say, “Oh.”

French girl
Crepes, kiesh, and sheesh, you don’t smoke hashish!

French girl
On your phone
You could pick this bone.

French girl
bonne nuit
Maybe it’s just not meant to be.

French girl
You buy canned tomatoes
when we have them locally
in season!

French girl
what’s the reason
that you buy ground beef?
It’s in the basement
in a deep freeze.

French girl
Reality T.V.?
What about the beauty
of the honey bee.

French girl
She fills me with want
that is not for me

Holding on and letting go, as your
ebb turns into flow-

Mavae, I’m glad to see you go.

I should have spoken more truely than rudely.

You left the house a mess
I never told you what I expect.

Begrudgingly sweeping your mess,
any expectations were left to rest.

Lessons learned-

Expectations are fine.
Speak your mind.

Call your dear friend

Photo taken by Alec Meyer, Copyright 2017.

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