Coffee with my old Self

Dreamt that I was having coffee with my old self
– well, she was drinking coffee, I was having tea –
and I decided to give her some advice.
Hey, listen, you look gorgeous, you don’t need makeup,
do yourself and don’t date him, or him,
relax a little. Do some yoga.
And, for god’s sake, don’t cut your hair off.


She replied,
I want to find a little mint that says
“Eat me”
and jump into this glass of water;
see how long it’ll take before someone notices.

3 thoughts on “Coffee with my old Self

  1. This is so amazingly written. Followed! :)
    I’m just starting out in poetry and blogging and it would be amazing if you could give my page a follow too!
    (if you like my stuff too of course!)

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