March Writing Project!

Help me build a short-story library!

In the first week, I’ll post 5 story starts (each one 500 words).
YOU vote for the story you want to see go further by commenting with “tell me more” or something to that effect (and yes, you can vote for more than one story per round). 🙂
Then, I will add 1000 words to ONE of the story-starts from the first week, based on YOUR choices (the one with the most votes).
I’m not great at math but I believe that brings the winning story to 1500 words.
In the fourth week, I’ll work on that one to create a full short story.
It would mean the world to me if you all helped me out by voting on your favorite story and going on this writing journey with me (and effectively holding me accountable)! Can’t wait to get started.


This writing project/challenge is being hosted by the wonderful Malik Turley – you can find her work and words on her site here.


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