Trans-dimensional Housekeeping in Theory and in Practice

by Amanda Raber

It’s not news to anyone here that we’re all having to find ways to stay entertained these days. Binge-watching shows on streaming services takes up some time, many hours are poured into social media, home improvement projects are getting crossed off our lists. For the most part I’m okay spending time with myself, but even I have my limits. Since I work from home, I’m on a computer all day and on my off time I really can’t stand to stare at a screen any more than I have to. About two weeks ago, I thought I found the perfect way to be productive, do something new, and make a friend all while staying safely in my home
and without the use of a screen. It’s really not a new concept. In fact it’s as old as history itself, so stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

Having fringe interests, I was already somewhat familiar with stories of the fae folk, elementals, house spirits and the like. I figured, what better time to get even more familiar when I’m stuck here at home (possibly) with them. So I decided what the heck, let’s see if I have any roommates that I didn’t know about. I lit a candle and some incense, went into a light trance and asked if there was anyone else around. I sat like this for about 45 minutes and the only thing I accomplished was falling asleep sitting straight up in front of my candle. I wouldn’t call that progress, but it was still a nice relaxing experience, so call it a win.

For the next couple of nights, I was distracted by online hangouts with various groups of
friends, then on the next night when nothing was scheduled I lit the candle and incense again. I was much more relaxed, but aware (if that makes sense) this time. I fell into a deeper trance than before and felt myself rocking back and forth by no conscious effort of my own. The incense was like a warm bath for my olfactories and I could just barely see the light from the candle peeking through my mostly closed eyelids. I released myself completely to the glow and the darkness and the sweet incense and felt myself, oh so slightly, start to float upward. I allowed this to happen with a detached curiosity, when someone grabbed my arm.

I opened my eyes and spun around to confront this intruder in my apartment but no one was there. Maybe my dog had tapped me on the shoulder, I thought, grasping for any sort of logic. But the dog was 10 feet away on the bed, swallowed up in a nest of pillows and blankets, shooting me a steady and stoic stare to make it known that I’d disturbed his precious sleep.

Welp, ok. That’s enough for one night. I blew out the candle and got in bed, making sure no limbs stuck out from beneath the covers.

Over the next few days I alternately obsessed about this experience and forgot about it entirely. Either it was nothing but my mind playing tricks, or it was exactly what I was looking for, so, there’s nothing to worry about? Is there?! It took me a few days to work up the courage to try again, but try again I did.

I lit the candle, lit the incense, and set the intention to communicate with any unseen
roommates that I might have. It was hard not to expect something because of the previous session, but I knew it was important not to force it. Again, I started involuntarily rocking back and forth as the scent and the glow and the dark coaxed me upward. I did not resist.

I became aware that I was looking (not actually looking with my eyes, but looking with my mind) at, someone? It was a presence. A being. Or something. I can definitely tell you that it was vague. I gently tried to bring it more into focus and yes, it was a face. A little brown face with big, brown eyes. It was looking at me with a happy, but mischievous – no, a knowing – look in its eyes. Like it had been expecting me and it was happy that I showed up. I tried to focus more and it looked kind of like an Ewok but more human-like? Definitely less fuzzy and cute, but smaller than a human and brown like a squirrel or a teddy bear. Anyway, we just looked at each other for a bit and then it faded away.

I snapped back from the trance, opened my eyes and looked around but everything was

The next day, I couldn’t stop thinking about this little creature. My logical brain said I’m just bringing up Star Wars imagery. But the feeling was that this was something completely independent of myself or my imagination. I did not wait as long to try again. That night I lit the candle and incense and was a bit more direct. I set the intention to meet this creature in the physical plane and boy, did it deliver.

I did the usual floaty thing and the image of the creature slowly came into view. Once I knew what I was looking at I said in my mind, “Meet me in the physical world.” There were an awkward few moments as we just gazed at each other, then I thought, (but it wasn’t my thought. how does that happen?) “Turn around.” I opened my eyes and slowly turned and you’re goddamn fucking kidding me there’s these big brown eyes peeking at me from around the edge of the bed. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t think. This is exactly what I wanted, right? This is what I asked for, right?! After a few moments, it extended its head a little farther beyond the bed so I could see its entire face. It was definitely what I had seen during the previous session and definitely not a human. Or an Ewok. Or my dog, who is completely white and was sound asleep on the bed. After several moments of staring at each other I thought (but it wasn’t my thought!) “Now what?”

I thought back at the creature, “Uhm, are we roommates?”

It looked off to the side, thinking, then back at me. “I guess so,” it thought at me. Then, “What’s a roommate?”

“Roommates live together,” I thought at it. “We share a living space. Usually it’s on the same plane of existence, but, whatever, this is cool too.”

“Oh,” it thought. “I guess we are roommates. Neat! What else do we do?”

“Well,” I thought, “I could use some help with cleaning. Even though I’m home more, I just
can’t seem to keep up with the cleaning. I mean, since we’re sharing the same space and all.”

“Oh yeah, totally,” it thought back at me. “Can I start on that tomorrow, though? It’s like, really late and I had to deal with a bunch of shit today.”

“Yeah that’s great,” I thought back. “Just, you know, do your share.”

And thus began my passive aggressive relationship with a roommate from another dimension who just won’t take out the trash without being asked.

You can connect with Amanda on Instagram.

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