Do You Know How Fast You Were Going?

by Erich

“Do you know how fast you were going?”

Sharon had no idea how to answer the question. Honestly? No. She had no clue how fast she had been going. The dashboard light had been out since Tucson. That had to be a ticket…right? The highways had been fine, going faster than the trucks but slower than the other cars, but this was a quiet road. She hadn’t seen another car in at least 10 miles. And what would she say?  ‘Sorry, officer, but I knocked out the dashboard light when I was learning to hot wire the car from a YouTube video! I’ll be sure to get it fixed after I clean the blood out of the trunk!’ But she also couldn’t just take the ticket. A ticket meant getting IDed which meant a permanent record of her being in the area. The area where she had just buried her boyfriend’s body. No…she had to get out of this.  

“Officer…I’m sorry…I just…I really have to shit. I’ve been holding it for an hour.”

The officer let out a surprised guffaw. “I’ve been there. Okay. Just take it easy and don’t run anyone over.” He started back to his car laughing. “And get your dashboard light fixed!”

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