Last Minute

by Adam

As the air settled, a staleness with it, my thoughts turned inwards. It had been years since I’d felt this still, this at peace. They say you start to focus on your best memories, the points of life like light shining in the darkness, to help you move forward. Lying there, I found myself focusing on the future, instead, as it was laid out before me in seconds and not months or years. The dust continued to fall, sparkling like embers before me as time slowed to a crawl. I tried to look around, to reach out, to feel, but each effort yielded the same, fruitless result. I smiled and tasted blood. She was safe now, and that’s all that really mattered. A rumbling beneath me sent vibrations through my shattered skeleton as the twisted structures above groaned under the onslaught. My eyes slowly traversed up. The sun was streaming through torn and jagged eyes rendered in concrete and rebar. Those eyes opened further as mine closed. The rumbling became an endless tumult. Seconds now, as my future came tumbling towards me. Finally, it was here.

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