Hello, Old Friend

by Corey

Legend has it that an ancient being (man or woman, there is no way of knowing) died before fulfilling its lifelong dreams. Its soul was so broken up over the matter that it splintered into millions of pieces and scattered across the earth, seeking to burrow its way into the souls of others so that it might urge them to make the most of their lives before they expire. It reminds them of what they still need to do and warns them when they are neglecting their potential. It makes them feel awful for taking time for themselves (“wasting time is more like it, tut, tut”). It comes to life and sets their insides ablaze when a loved one is lost and magnifies their failures so that the souls in which it resides can properly compare their lives with the lives that came before them and “learn from their mistakes.” It chastises when another achieves greatness and wreaks panic when financial strain or illness or insecurity of any kind dare to show their wretched faces, seeking to ensure that these things do not cripple its hosts. None remain that remembers its name, but it is most commonly known as “Anxiety”.

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