Uncanny Irony

by Anon

The nearest lodging within 50 miles and literally in BFE. Obnoxious kids were spreading their party into our quiet part of the campground, waking us both. We learned they had a year of college under their belts. The volume of two voices increased to mere feet from the tent. The couple began confessing high school crushes each had for the other.

Fidgeting, I debated queueing the car alarm. Even without the commentary, the heightened awareness of his 6’3 defensive lineman frame, in a two-man tent made finding sleep as hard as the damn ground. The thought of touching him again was so off limits.

He chuckled and asked if I remembered the night we talked in the back of his truck until we fell asleep. 

“And, the silly deal we made that next morning,” I blurted. The deal was made under the twilight and blankets. 

A fresh layer of awkwardness drifted. I cursed myself for speaking before thinking.

“How can that be twenty years ago?” he pondered. “You’re even more beautiful than I ever dreamed.” 

Oh, how I longed for his warmth against my skin. The sigh surprised us both. Nearly as much as his arm brushing mine. The chances of running into each like this were non-existent, just as kids’ voices had become.

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