By Laeni Rose

“Where am I?” I think as I open my eyes.

I can see nothing of note. There’s only an unbearable, all-encompassing grey. 

Clouds swirl all around me. My hands swipe gently through mist. My head feels shrouded in nothingness and my eyes struggle to adjust. 

They never do.

Taking a step forward feels like an eternity and a single instant all at the same time. But ultimately it lands. And I take another. 

Or wait… Did I? 

It’s so hard to tell, everything looks the same. Just so much…nothing.

Hands grope out in front of me, searching for something, anything, to give me a frame of reference. To give me some idea of where I must be or where I’m going.

“Wait, what was that?” I ask myself as my fingers brush against the cool, smooth edge of…something

But what was it.

What. Was it. 

Wait, maybe it wasn’t even smooth. 

or cool… 

Crap. I can’t even remember what I’m looking for.

Nevertheless, I paw around frantically for another eternity trying to find it again. Or maybe it was just one more instant.

I don’t know.

I let out an exasperated sigh,

“I never know.”

You can connect with Laeni on Twitter and on Instagram.

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