You Look Like You’ve Seen a Ghost

by Lefty

Amy was hideous. She was a monster with a possum’s snout, scales of an iguana, and she moved like a chimpanzee. Nobody bullied her at school because they believed that her guardians were demons who practiced ancient, druid-like magic. This pleased her, but she remained anti-social and often used the boys’ restroom to avoid the girls’ cruel gossip. Today, from within her stall, she heard Floyd Caractacus arguing with someone on his phone. He greeted her when she came out to wash her hands. She nodded hello, and he looked embarrassed. He had really been talking to himself, to some phantom presence apparent only to him. Was he insane? His end of the dialogue had seemed coherent enough. Now, in this tense moment between them, he twitched anxiously. He could obviously still hear the voice. Amy bravely asked who it was. 

“I’m still not sure,” said Floyd. 

“Are you okay?” she asked. 

“As okay as I can be with an invisible boy following me around.” 

Amy kept an eye on Floyd for the next few weeks. Eventually he stopped coming to school, and soon it was reported that he was missing, and later presumed dead. What mysterious, terrible antics these human people got into! She was lucky she wasn’t one of them.

You can connect with Lefty on Twitter.

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