Beautiful Dream

by Tiffani

Although she slept, it felt real.

His shadow over her, eyes on her. 

Hand on her face, thumb tracing her lips. Her lips slightly curved upward. Lips on her forehead, a gentle loving kiss.

Hand slowly tracing her clavicle, resting there. Kisses on her nose, each cheek. Hand to her breast. Tongue tracing her lips, thumb her nipple.

Pulling her lip into his mouth, he sucked, then bit. Her breath caught. Hand sliding down her body, under her panties. Kissing him back. Tongues intertwined. Breath quickened, sliding a finger inside. Reaching, she pulled him to her, deepening the kiss. Hand on his chest, fingers in his hair. She couldn’t get him close enough.

Wrapped in each other, kissing and exploring. Every scar, smooth trace of skin.

Torturously slow, he slid inside. One, moving in a primal dance. Bodies full contact, afraid to be apart. Hands holding her face looking in her eyes, his rhythm set to hers. Pleasure met simultaneously, heaven and earth collided. Stars behind her eyes, his breath on her. Breathing slowed to a single rhythm, his body relaxed on hers. Head on her chest, hands in hers. She drifted with tears, knowing it was a beautiful dream.

You can connect with Tiffani on Twitter and read more on her blog.

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