On a Quest

by Kirk

What does love mean to me? That is truly an important question, but I’m afraid I can’t answer it right now. You see adventurer, there is an evil king who usurped the throne using forbidden blood magic. This tyrant of terror was once the fool, but he had ambitions. That’s what caused him to research these arcane arts. Using the knowledge of the damned he controlled the king and made him abdicate the throne. Now this dreadful jester is the king. We are on a quest to stop him! Now for your previous inquiry. I suppose I will have time to discuss it with you as we travel to the palace.

Adventurer let me tell you a story. There once was a flower I grew with the help of my father. He taught me how nurture and care for it. Every day I would water it like I should and the flower bloomed for me in return. That is love. Neither of us asked for the gifts we gave each other, we just did it because it felt right. I suppose this is a strange story to tell, but I must say it is quite the peculiar question considering the circumstances. Regardless, let me think of a better story that may be more satisfying. 

Once there was a person I saw frequently at the item shop. She was in charge of keeping the money and exchanging the goods. We were always very friendly with each other, beyond the typical customer and merchant relationship. In time she became a companion of mine in my adventures. One day we were attacked by dragon. The beast was about to incinerate me with it’s fire breath. She jumped in front and used her shield to protect me from the harsh flames. I suppose that’s what love is. Caring enough about someone to put yourself at risk. Oh and don’t worry, she’s perfectly fine. We managed to slay the dragon after that. My point is that love is like a plant, but it is also like a shield. Perhaps that doesn’t make sense my friend, but we have an illegitimate monarch to topple so spare me the details. It seems we are slowing down. The time for these heady questions is over, now we must fight!

Oh and adventurer? I love you, whatever that means. You do not have a clear understanding of it either, but it fills you with the desire to bring joy and happiness to your newfound companion. Onward you both go to battle, armed with the swords of sentiment.

You can connect with Kirk on Twitter.

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