Love’s Life

by Keith

It’s 2 a.m. and he’s sitting in the dim light of the bedside lamp. The love of his life lying beside him. Maybe it’s the day, or maybe it’s just because, but he can’t stop thinking of the life they’ve shared together. 

The day they met and how within a few short hours he knew this was more than a crush. How he remembers the wind playing with her hair and how the sun shone off her cheeks. It wasn’t nature enticing him, he knows that now. It was the way that a small planted seed of love was finding out everything about her. 

The day he knew he was in love she was telling him a story about how she did something clumsy. He could see it so clearly in his mind he felt he was there. He would have bet his life savings she had done that furrowed brow and foot stomp routine she always did in times like that. He felt something confusing happen in that moment as he realized he loved her… truly loved her. It was odd, but something he knew was right. 

Then there was the proposal. A perfect day no matter how imperfect the world tried to make it. Honestly, that kind of felt right to him. He always looked on that day as though no matter what the world tried, they were too strong to be kept apart. 

Then a wedding. Surrounded by the smiles and laughs of all the people that meant everything to them. All of them not wishing them luck, but telling them how happy they looked. Hell, he hadn’t even minded the planning. Everything with her was part of the adventure. And he never wanted to miss a moment. 

There were holidays spent with family, and holidays spent alone. Vacations and parties and who knows how many nights they spent in each other’s arms. Every one of these nights felt like the ONLY night. No matter where they were or in what company…they never felt apart. 

Sure, there were fights, but they never worried about that, they were a team, they worked towards a goal and they always found the solutions. Sometimes the solution was walking away for a few minutes, but they always found they wanted to come back. 

Then they had their daughter. Shared tasks and sleepless nights. None of the stress seemed to dull them though. They loved it all. They loved having each other and their family. 

Their favorite thing to do… after the little one was asleep was to sit in the silence of each other’s company. Books in hand, tea steaming, and a fire in winter, maybe some candles the rest of the year. 

He always thought about how the mundane was where love really shone. Nothing flashy, proud, or bold. Just silent appreciation of the soul that sticks by your side through it all. So as her monitor beeps, these memories play and he knows he had true love.

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