by Jeff Fleischer “I don’t want to talk about it!” “Not this again,” his mother said. Wendy knew from her first two progeny that it was important to encourage a child’s creativity. She also knew that there was a fine line between that encouragement and cementing bad habits. Her oldest’s brief dalliance with clown college […]

after it rains

i miss the smell of the grass after it rains when the earth below is so saturated that it takes all of my self control not to kick off my shoes and bury my feet ankle-deep. when you inhale deeply, and the moisture fills you up up up up till you feel lightheaded with the […]

A Work in Progress

by Bridget Conway I’ve never been particularly good at practicing self-love. Actually, if I’m honest with myself, I’ve never even been good at self-“like”. Since I was seventeen, I’ve struggled with chronic depression. I suffer from obsessive negative thought spirals, in which either: (a) my mind generates the worst-case scenario for any given situation and […]