blankness, heavy behind my eyes. i can feel thoughts struggling to form, almost, almost, heading to the forefront, moving like molasses, collecting into a pool and rising into a figure i can almost make it out - and it collapses onto itself, spills and separates. how long have i been sitting here? how long has … Continue reading Pre-Coffee

What Happens Here

i dreamt that i died and in the afterlife, surrounded by huge grey stone walls [the ones that couldn't quite block out the brilliant, blinding Dali desert beyond], in a courtyard that seemed both tiny and cavernous, i asked the first person i met: "what happens here, when you die?" - because death seemed inevitable … Continue reading What Happens Here

Fly By

The days keep flying by, and all I can think of is that I hope time stops but not yet only when I round the corner and finally see you and drink in the way you look at me and forget how I got from my door and into your arms, burrowing till our bodies … Continue reading Fly By


he turned to face her, challenging, eyes sparkling and mouth twisted slightly (ineffectively hiding his smile). she slowly stepped forward into the sudden thickening silence, pushing forward with concentrated effort, his grey-blue gaze slowly looming closer and larger till the irises expanded and expanded and engulfed her completely. she stepped through onto the pale sand … Continue reading Dreamscape


As the sun finally sets, and dusk settles in, I write your name in the sand for the 157th time. For the 157th time, the water rushes forward and laps it up, as though to remind me that I should just forget you. I write it again, And before I finish the last loop, the water … Continue reading 157