Life’s a Play

I felt happy that day, and beautiful, truly beautiful. The right side of the bed followed me everywhere that morning; my teeth were extra sparkly and my eyes matched. I rejoiced in feeling not a single shred of anxiety, of guilt, of self-loathing. I was beautiful and intelligent and kind, the world smiled at me […]

A Work in Progress

by Bridget Conway I’ve never been particularly good at practicing self-love. Actually, if I’m honest with myself, I’ve never even been good at self-“like”. Since I was seventeen, I’ve struggled with chronic depression. I suffer from obsessive negative thought spirals, in which either: (a) my mind generates the worst-case scenario for any given situation and […]


by Charise Joy Javonillo 5 years ago I stopped myself from going to an archaeological field school in Peru because I feared I would have a complete nervous breakdown in the Andes. Excavating in a foreign country while every part of my body trembled from obsessive thoughts and unfounded fears spelled imminent disaster. Instead of […]