Like You

By Keith “I wanna be like you", he says. “But you ARE like me", a voice hisses back. He isn’t sure he believes him. Not just because his words feel untrue, but the sound of that voice reminds him of dark damp caves where all the creepy crawlies blindly feast on each other in utter … Continue reading Like You


by Neka Barrera You never thought her confidence, as fierce as the lion on her left bicep, would wilt as deeply as the rose on her right hip. You thought it was you- ignoring her regularly, taking her for granted. The true cause? The skunk who crossed her path on a balmy Chicago summer night- … Continue reading Skunky

The Split

By Ian Watts Ego was out walking with Id and Superego again. Those two were gregarious fellows, backslapping types. They led him up the street, flanking him, one to each arm. In either ear they chattered and chirped, nattered and nickered. He’d be tugged to the left – “Look there!” Id’s bellow was rich, dark, … Continue reading The Split

Mask: Part 1

It's become a cliche You know the type Self-centered, blonde, tan, fit, Throw in an accent and what do you get? The "jock," "douche," "insert judgmental stereotype" and how quickly we are to hide behind labels. I'm noticing, though, how hard you're trying every sentence you say is punctuated by a furtive glance to see … Continue reading Mask: Part 1

Gold Curtains

It's gotten to that point in the year when I can't really remember what warmth feels like. Happens annually, kind of amazing how the human mind forgets (as with pain), and now it's February and I've forgotten what it is to walk outdoors and the air doesn't hurt your lungs, when taking a stroll is … Continue reading Gold Curtains


Breathe in Twinkly eyes Breathe out Twisting curls Breathe in That boyish smirk Breathe out Booming laugh Breathe in Strong grip, masculine hands Breathe out Gentle lips, Feigned passion? Perhaps But you looked wistfully at me As I walked away.